May 01 2013

Wolfgun Necklace

Wolfgun Necklace Photo 02 Full SmallLaser cut stainless steel Wolfgun Necklace with black cord and cylindrical socket clasp. Original batch, only 10 available; each necklace is imbued with one portable singularity installed by Wolfgun himself. For those of you who find yourselves unfamiliar with this ‘Wolfgun’ character, I urge you to get out from under that rock you’re living under (no matter how nice it is) and study up on his bandcamp webpage.  This necklace is sharp enough to slice a hole in the spacetime continuum. You will probably fall through said hole and do irreversible damage to the timeline. At that juncture, it is likely that I will no longer exist and I quite like existing.

That being said; please wear with caution

Dimensions: 1.8″ x 2.25″ (~1/16th inch thick)

$35 each, orders limited to one necklace per person
Email to request an order
Shipping is negotiable and will vary by location

To allow for people of all time zones to participate, I will be accepting emails for three days (May 2-4) and then randomly selecting ten lucky responders. If the demand is high enough, I will produce a second batch that you can get your paws on when I get my lazy ass around to making it. It is widely known that sharp, shiny, pointy things, are in constant high demand so I will do my best to meet that demand with full diligence. Thank you for checking out my work! Happy listening, and good luck!

At this time all necklaces have been sold. Thanks for participating!

Wolfgun Necklace Photo 03 Full SmallBall Clasp Small